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Sophie the Giraffe Teether


Perfect Gift For Baby - Sophie The Giraffe Teething Toy

If you've got a teething baby you might be looking for a teething toy that goes beyond precisely what a normal teething toy might do. Making it possible for the toy to be held easily in very small hands is the principal feature of the majority of teething toys. However Sophie the Giraffe does a lot more than sooth gums. It provides your little one with a sensory experience that promotes learning. Continue reading to discover why your little one needs Sophie.

Safeguarding Your Little one from Dangerous Components

Children put everything in their mouths, even when they are not teething. You want to make certain what your baby chews on isn't produced from anything toxic or unsafe. Little ones pull, chew and tug on toys until very small bits come off. These frequently end up in very small bellies. This clearly isn't safe, and several studies are showing that youngsters are having developmental issues from common teething toys.

When you buy Sophie the Giraffe this is not something you've got to stress about. Phthalate and BPA free, Sophie is manufactured from 100% rubber, so your child can tug, pull and chew as much as she likes. Food grade paint is used to paint Sophie's captivating features and hues.

Keeping Your Little One Happy

Little ones who're teething can easily be moody. Sophie the Giraffe does more than just ease your child's gums, it will help calm her down at the same time. When you give your little one Sophie to play with you're giving her far more than a toy designed to soothe gums.

Your child is calmed in three different ways with a Sophie the Giraffe toy. Grasping Sophie the Giraffe, and holding onto her, is not difficult with her thin legs and neck. Sophie can be chewed on for many hours without little one ever losing her grip. Her all-natural rubber smell becomes calming as little ones learn to associate it with teething. This smell also keeps your little one from using other items for teething because they will look for the rubber smell.

Finally, little ones have been discovered to really like the smooth feeling of Sophie's all-natural rubber and her gentle squeaks as she is squeezed. Not only is she a teething toy however she will be your baby's closest friend.

Sensory Enjoyment

Toys which help little ones with sensory stimulation are essential to the growth and development of their senses. A child's mental and physical development can benefit from toys which provide sensory stimulation.

Whenever your child plays with Sophie the Giraffe she'll utilize all five of her senses. The squeaking sound attracts a baby via the sense of hearing. Experiencing Sophie by touching her will be one of your infant's favorite past times with the soft, soothing, natural body.

The dark areas on Sophie make a colorful contrast and her pleasant face is something children love to look at. Contrasting colors have been verified to help children develop better sight, and Sophie is the ideal toy for this.

Smell and taste are the last 2 senses which Sophie the Giraffe helps your baby explore. Natural rubber has a unique, however pleasant, taste and smell. Your child will learn to connect that with relief from teething pain. The toy stimulates the sense of smell and taste in quite a few different ways.

Built to Last

Kids who're teething can go through several teething toys in a small amount of time. Hours of chewing and years of teething can be hard on your little one's favorite teething toy. Not only that, however the continual contact with saliva is capable of breaking down quite a few teething toys. There are numerous teething toys which rapidly break, split or get holes from all of the chewing, but how does Sophie the Giraffe hold up?

Well, the reviews by fathers and mothers sat Sophie can handle teething and come out on top. Wearing away of the paint in minor locations has been occasionally reported however it is an infrequent event.

If your little one already has teeth, or they break the gums, you do not need to concern yourself with little one chewing off pieces. This isn't something the typical child could accomplish with Sophie.

Safe from Choking

Another disconcerting fact about most teething toys is that they're a choking threat. Any toy at all, not matter how safe, can be jammed in a child's mouth. Removing Sophie from the mouth of a baby is simple with her safely designed body shape.

Removal is mainly hard with teething toys because of how easy they fit into the mouth. Sophie the Giraffe won't ever get stuck in your little one's mouth because of her large body. The toy can be easily extracted if parts of it to go into child's mouth.


Those who purchased Sophie the Giraffe for a teething child soon come to realize it is the very best teething toy around. An enjoyable toy that is 100% safe and non-toxic, soothing to baby and encourages learning whilst playing. What more could a dad or mom ask for in a toy? Not only all of that however she's durable and can be passed down. Your little one needs Sophie the Giraffe.

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